iPods and Podcasting for Learning and Sales Enablement

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iPods and Podcasting for Learning and Sales Enablement

The Corporate Podcast Push

What do Duke University, IBM, Capital One, Newsweek and Barenaked Ladies all have

in like manner? Reply: they are altogether contacting staff, understudies, and clients with

a new and integral asset – podcasting. You might have caught wind of podcasting from

your children or on the news, however podcasting is considerably more than some wonder

begun by the rock and roll or geek swarm. Podcasting is an amazing correspondence

instrument being utilized to contact worldwide and portable crowds, save individuals time and, most

significantly, truly associate with their crowds in news ways – in the present

correspondence/message excess. However, how about we investigate what podcasting is, who is

utilizing and why it is so powerful for both business and people.

To start with, we’ll check out the size and size of the podcasting marvel…

  • A new report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project tracked down that in excess of 22 million American grown-ups own Ipods or and MP3 player and 29% of them have

downloaded digital broadcasts or paid attention to web recording that have been “pushed” to them. That

compares to 6 million individuals paying attention to digital recordings. Economic scientists and experts

keep on lightening podcasting’s future with most recent figures recommending a US

crowd alone of 56 million by 2010.

  • Jupiter Research as of late anticipated that US advanced music player deals would

develop to 56 million by 2010, up from 16.2 million out of 2004 and by 2010, three-

quarters surprisingly who own versatile advanced music players will pay attention to web recordings,

a development from under 15% last year.

What is podcasting?

Regardless of whether you portray it as the best specialized Podcasts apparatus since email, or as an

RSS channel for sound, podcasting is a way to “push” sound substance to endorsers for

for all intents and purposes zero expense. Podcasting permits anybody (me, you, IBM, or NBC) to post sound

content that gets pushed to any endorser’s work area and afterward straightforwardly to their iPod

or on the other hand MP3 player. This is worldwide. Anybody, anyplace can “tune in” to your webcast and

realize what you have to bring to the table or say. You don’t should be NBC with a worldwide

circulation framework. Presently individuals can “buy in” to a digital recording and have new

content “pushed” out to them without them riding the web, download MP3s

or then again copy Cd’s.

Thoughts/Stories/Voices ? Sound/MP3’s ? Web ? PC ? MP3


Every one of the bolts head one way. When somebody has prefer your digital recording,

your substance get “pushed” out to them. There is no going in to stations with

podcasting. You don’t need to visit a site to discover streaming podcasting. Digital recordings

appear (pushed) when new substance is created. In case you are an endorser, you get

the digital recording right then, at that point. All you need is an Ipod or MP3 player of any sort for

tuning in, in this manner the word podcasting.

The expression “Podcasting” is gotten from the iPod (Apple Computer’s well known gadget

for playing compacted sound records) and “broadcasting.” Podcasting takes into consideration sound

documents that would have been recently downloaded and played on an individual

PC to be consequently downloaded and paid attention to on compact music playing

gadgets (like the iPod and other MP3 players).

Having begun in the realm of contributing to a blog, some have even alluded to podcasting

as “sound publishing content to a blog.” For some, podcasting is a coherent following stage from contributing to a blog. As

Work Week Senior Writer Stephen Baker notices, “The core of the podcasting

development is in the realm of web journals, those huge number of individual Web pages that have

become a worldwide sensation. In a blogosphere that has become to a great extent on the composed

word, webcasts add a soundtrack.”

Since you know what a webcast is, we should check out where they come from: who is

creating the “pushed sound substance.”

Who is delivering webcasts?

The appropriate response is wide going. Young people, geeks and rock performers were early

adopters. Today you see any semblance of Rush Limbaugh, Business Week, ESPN and news

projects of assorted types creating, conveyance and promoting web recordings. The number

of webcasts accessible is developing at an extremely fast speed. In late 2004, there were close

to 500 webcasts accessible. Today there are more than 10,000 distinctive digital broadcasts to pick


Presently that podcasting has turning out to be more standard, corporate and non-corporate

associations are getting into the demonstration, utilizing podcasting to interface with clients,

understudies, staff and accomplices. Here are a few models:

  • Duke University passed out iPods to their whole 2005 green bean class so they

could get web recordings that included college news, class work and social substance.

  • Capital One University has passed out more than 3000 iPods to help corporate

preparing and correspondences. This incorporates, administration preparing, deals, client

administration and different points.

  • IBM has made digital broadcasts to show their idea authority to clients

financial backers and possibilities.

  • Keane Inc. has distributed more than 100 ipods to their worldwide deals power to share

preparing, clients’ accounts and hierarchical substance.